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Zexin JinHenry

Assistant Professor

School of Engineering

School of Science (Affiliated)

Westlake University

Office: E2-403


Zexin grew up in Hangzhou, China and received his bachelor's degree at Peking University in Materials Chemistry. In 2019, he obtained his Ph. D. degree at Stanford University under the supervision of Prof. Yan Xia. Afterward, he moved to the East Coast and worked with Prof. Colin Nuckolls at Columbia University as a postdoctoral researcher. He joined the School of Engineering at Westlake University as an Assistant Professor in August 2023 and established the Organic Functional Materials Lab.

Current Members

Liyue Meng.jpg

Liyue Meng

Lab Manager

Zekang Ma

Graduate Student (2023)

Chang Tang

Graduate Student (2023)

Tianyu Jie

Graduate Student (2023)

Yi Wang.jpg

Yi Wang

Research Assistant (2023)


Qian Zhang

Research Assistant (2023)

Quanli Shen

Research Assistant (2024)

Hao Luo

Research Assistant (2024)

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